Get Involved

You can make a difference in what happens with to our pool! Tell public officials and decision makers what you think.

  • As long as the pool is a performance venue it should have diverse programming that serves our community.
  • Events in the pool should be cheap or free.
  • Money from ticketed events at the pool should go to the pool, not to the city's general operating fund.
  • The pool is for the people! We urge the Parks Department to set up a community committee and have regular meetings for discussion of community concerns. We support Parks working with the Open Space Alliance to give the community more of a voice in pool programming and the future of the pool
  • There should be a timeline for turning the pool back into a pool again.
  • Keep Live Nation and other corporate interests from putting on for-profit events in our pool. No $50 tickets!

1) Make your voice heard

Contact the key decision-makers below and tell them what you want.

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3) Pay it forward

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4) Do It Yourself

You can always book the pool yourself for an event. 







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