How To Book An Event at McCarren Pool

Hooray! You're all excited about your folk concert/puppet show/craft fair at McCarren Park Pool. But how do you turn your dream into reality?

The Basics

First, check out the Parks Department event permits page, which is very helpful. Eric Peterson is the Parks staffer you will be dealing with and he is very accessible. If you have any questions, we suggest you email him. There is also the Citywide Special Events voicemail: 212-360-1319

You need to get a permit for your event. Whether you are planning an amateur astronomy night, an experimental photo shoot, or a rollerderby, it is all the same process.

You must submit your application and the $25 non refundable processing fee at least 21-30 days in advance of an event (except for political demonstrations & rallies, which require less advance notice). For McCarren pool, we suggest you book, far, far in advance.

If you downloaded the application, then mail your application to this address:

NYC Parks Department Special Events
Litchfield Villa
Prospect Park
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 965-8912

Things to think about

Answer these critical questions before seeking an event permit:

  • Why do you need to use the pool, specifically?
  • Is there any community benefit?
  • What date/time are you planning your event for?
  • Do you have a rain date?
  • How many people approximately do you expect to attend?
  • Generally speaking, what will happen at the event?
  • How will you staff the event?
  • Will you need electricity?
  • Will you be using amplified sound?
  • Will you be serving alcohol?
  • Will you need insurance?
  • Will you be selling anything or charging an entrance fee?
  • Will you need lighting?

Revenue generation

If you are going to try to make money from your event, you need a Temporary Use Authorization. This includes charging for admission, selling beer or food, or any other money-making activity.

Download the Temporary Use Authorization Requirements. You can also call the Revenue Division at 212-360-1397.


If you need a sound permit, you apply at the 94th Police Precinct:
100 Meserole Avenue
(Brooklyn, NY 11222
(Tel: (718) 383-3879
Community Affairs Division: (718) 383-5298

This year, there may be a limited number of events at the pool with loud amplified sound, so book early.


You may need "Special Event Insurance" which will vary depending on the event you are throwing. For example, break dance parties might need different coverage than a inter-borough yodeling competition. We've been told that offers this kind of insurance at reasonable prices, but we aren't guaranteeing anything. Get quotes from multiple companies!


Generally, alcohol is prohibited in public parks. However, some events with alcohol sponsorships have been permitted. Your best bet if you want alcohol available, is to work with a vendor, such as the Brooklyn Brewery, who has a track record with the Parks Department.


McCarren is a big venue, and the Parks Department won't issue permits if you can't prove to them you will have adequate staff to run the event and keep the site secure.

More Information

NYC Parks Department's planning an event page

Or contact the Brooklyn Borough Parks Permit Office:
Litchfield Villa
Prospect Park
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 965-8912





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