"We Are The Pool!"

Here are some behind-the-scenes stills from the making of the Poolaid "We are the Pool" video!!

Aaron Lazar (The Giraffes) as Kenny Rogers:

Hans Gutknecht (Career Club) wishing he was Kenny Rogers (yet he was Kenny Loggins.):

Ira Eliot (Nada Surf, Maplewood) as Bruce Springsteen:

Jay Honstetter (Black Tie Party) and Allison Langerak (Breakup Breakdown) as Michael Jackson and Diana Ross:

Jeff Mensch (Breakup Breakdown) talking about how much he loves the song and he wishes he had written it:

Jeff begging us to let him in to be in the video:

Jens Carstensen (Career Club) rocking the bass:

Musical producer Josh Johnson emoting:

Josh producing:

Josh taking a break:

Matthew Caws (Nada Surf) as Huey Lewis and Jessica Skiles (Well Revered) as Kim Carnes:

Josh in awe of Matt Durant's (Rana) keyboard jams:

James Sparber (Breakup Breakdown) as Billy Joel and Sy Boccari (Naked Highway) as Tina Turner:

A blurry Tommy Rockstar as Daryl Hall:

Poolaid Man speaks to the people at McCarren Pool:

"The Pool is for the people! Oh yeah!" He says.





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