About the "We Are the Pool" Video

We decided to make our "We are the Pool" video in order to attract attention to the issues around the pool. And also because we thought the idea was really, really funny. We're lucky enough to have plenty of talented friends who tend to go along with our crazy ideas, and soon the production was under way! It was a labor of love and we hope you all enjoy it. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!!!

New: Special behind-the-scenes photos of the making of the video

Cast (in order of appearance)




  • Producer: Mikki Halpin

  • Recording engineer and musical production: Josh Johnson

  • Camera: Michael Freedman-Schnapp, Mikki Halpin, Alexander Kane

  • Editors: Surplus and Drayton Hiers

    Additional footage provided by: Tiffany Edwards, Matthew Bertanthal


Special extra huge thanks to Hans Gutknecht, who let us use his space and his equipment and to Alexander Kane of JellyNYC for getting us into the pool!


More thank yous to: Marisa Bowe, Elizabeth DeCoursey, B.A. Miale, and Lianne Smith.






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